Is A Grain Free Diet Healthy?

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There is little reason as to why you should include grains in your diet. Though they have the advantage of having fiber and even reduce the occurrence of heart diseases, grains are not of a high nutritional value. Grains do not have minerals or vitamins that will contribute to your body’s nutritional health. This is probably one of the main reasons as to why you should consider taking a grain free diet.

Many people have different reasons why they go for diets that are free of grains. Such reasons are:

     Intolerance to gluten

There are people who have the problem of being intolerant to gluten. This intolerance is results in celiac disease. Grains contain gluten at high levels and there is need for such people to avoid eating grains.

     Cause inflammation and are not good for joints

Inflammation is mainly because grains contain a high content of starch. A grain that is more refined causes more inflammation than that is not. This is why grains are also not good for the joints as chronic inflammation could result and this is associated with diseases such as arthritis and bone loss.

     Lead to unhealthy skin

The high content of carbohydrates that is in grains leads to the activation of the sebum glands in the skin. This makes the glands to produce oil as well as high levels of keratinocyctes, which are a large contributing factor to acne.

     They create a craving pattern

The intake of grains and products that are contain grains leads to cravings for more of these products. These foods are rich in carbohydrates and give you a high level of energy. Grains usually break down into sugar, causing insulin levels to rise, which then fall and lead to cravings. Such cravings are what lead to gain in body weight.

A diet that is free of grains can also be associated with the gluten free diet. This is because grains contain gluten. So, is a gluten free diet healthy? Yes, a gluten free diet is quite healthy as it leads to prevention of many unwanted complications. Intake of gluten is not advisable as it has some severe effects on health. Gluten is bad for your health as it has side effects such as the celiac disease, abdominal bloating, impaired growth, and severe loss in weight, muscle wasting, oral ulcers among many others.

However, there are other types of grains such as the paleo grains. The paleo diet is the type of diet that the cave man ate. It is usually low of carbohydrates, which means there are no grains and it is therefore similar to the grain free diet. The paleo diet emphasizes on the intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat to make sure that you get sufficient amounts of nutrients as well as eat foods that are healthy with little or no side effects.

Healthy eating means taking healthy foods. Both the gluten free and the paleo diets show that the grain free diet is healthy and you need to consider this.

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