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Health Benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha is an ancient health beverage which is said to have originated in the Far East. It has taken the western health world by storm, and is now widely available in health shops and supermarkets. The popularity of the health tonic has also resulted in a widespread home brewing movement. Kombucha comprises of fermented sweetened black tea. Sweet black tea is combined in a brewing vessel with the kombucha's culture, often termed a 'SCOBY'. SCOBY is an acronym which stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts. When placed into the black tea, this culture ferments the brew resulting in the celebrated, slightly carbonated, semi-sweet health drink.

Kombucha is renowned for an array of health benefits. While some of these are probably mere hype, studies show that kombucha contains most of the B vitamins as well as vitamin C, natural acids, enzymes and probiotics.

It is perhaps kombucha's probiotic benefits which are getting it into homes across western society. Modern diets high in processed foods, sugars and refined starches are backfiring in the form of health problems. As proper absorption of nutrients and efficient elimination of toxins are key to maintaining health and vitality, a cheap alternative to over-the-counter probiotics can be very attractive. Combined with the simple living and whole foods trend, it is no wonder that kombucha enthusiasm abounds.

Here are some of the areas where the health benefits of kombucha tea can be of help, according to science and individuals:




     Inability to lose weight



     Joint pain





     Impaired immune system

     Chronic fatigue

     Lack of concentration and impaired mental functioning



     High blood pressure

     Glucose spikes

     Impaired cell regeneration

The list of health issues for which kombucha is drunk to alleviate or cure is extensive. While not many studies have been done to document these beliefs, there are many personal testimonials available. The word of a natural health enthusiast does not necessarily carry the weight of solid science, but science does back up these claims by the simple association of the individual elements in kombucha and their proven effect on certain health issues.

Kombucha is probably not the cure-all elixir that the internet can make it out to be, but it is true that is has been drunk for thousands of years by different cultures, many of whom incidentally enjoyed longevity and good health. Their overall vitality could of course be attributed to a myriad of other factors, but it cannot be denied that consuming fermented kombucha tea, with its vitamins, enzymes and live probiotics is a far cry from drinking commercial soda.

Living healthfully while not breaking the bank is not always easy. Social requirements, budgets and lack of time often cause us to eat and drink things which we know are not beneficial to our bodies. While these things are sometimes unavoidable, it is comforting to know that you can have a probiotic backstop in the form of a tasty, natural, fizzy beverage.

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