What is the relationship between the governmental food pyramid and your diet?

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When you think about diet, the word “government” is highly unlikely to cross your mind, but it is this all-encompassing institution that caused so much harm, indirectly killing millions of people. We live in a society where everything is centrally controlled and over-legislated; every misstep is sanctioned with the threat of violence, imprisonment, fines, or death. This state of affairs has two severe consequences:

1. We internalize government propaganda and actively fight those who resist it.

2. We do not see the hidden consequences of government actions until it is too late.

The ubiquitous, governmental food pyramid, loaded with carbohydrates at its foundation, was one of the most murderous schemes the government had perpetrated on us. Now we know that everything about it was wrong.

It was not saturated fat that caused the obesity – it was carbs.

It was not fats that caused the unprecedented rise in diabetes and heart failures – it was carbs.

Fats do not cause food craving, but, you guessed it, - carbs do.

The very thing that is the unhealthiest has been promoted in every aspect of society: schools, food manufacturing, marketing, corrupted studies. This was not done due to some mistake or accident, but due to parts of the agricultural lobby seeking unfair advantage through the monopoly of force – government. Without such gigantic, over-reaching structure, no lobby would have gained so much influence to do so much harm in such a short time span.

For decades, various independent experts pointed to a carb-focused diet as a possible culprit for the drastic increase in cardio-vascular conditions and diabetes. But, with the corrupt government machine countering them, this line of inquiry gained no traction.

Even now, when we know the truth, almost every item in every store is still loaded with carbs and sweetened. We evolved to like sweet food because, in nature, it contains the most easily usable energy, and it indicates the absence of toxins.

We have been relentlessly triggering this instinct for decades, so now it is extremely difficult to break the habit, and the manufacturers know it. After all, switching to low-carb products would entail additional costs. Health be damned.

Although carbs are listed as a part of the triumvirate of food – carbs, protein, fats – there is no evidence that you need a single gram of carbs to be healthy. Simply put, carbs are not essential nutrients. Additionally, all carbohydrate recommendations are based on the false assumption that ketosis is unhealthy, and that your body needs above-minimal level of glucose. Both of these assumptions have been proven false and nonsensical by dozens of independently verified studies.

On the other hand, ketosis, which you can enter by eating less than 25g of carbs per day, is well- documented to have numerous benefits: fastest weight loss (particularly the dangerous abdominal fat), appetite and blood pressure normalization, reduction of blood sugar and insulin levels, increase in good cholesterol, drastic reduction in triglycerides, which are the main indicator of stroke. The list goes on and on.

Although the popularity of a low-carb or ketogenic diet has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to the decentralized information system like internet, the snowballing effect of the murderous, governmental food pyramid still continues to this day.

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