What Kind of Honey Has Health Benefits?

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People interested in maintaining optimal health often rave about the benefits of honey. Studies have shown honey benefits for health to include relief of symptoms and illnesses of influenza. It helps with indigestion and immune deficiencies. Best of all to many people, it relieves symptoms of allergy. Honey has been shown to have so many benefits that it seems like a wonder drug, but not all honey is created equal. The fact is, most of the honey you find on the shelf at your local grocery store has been so processed that most of the benefits have been processed right out of it.

What Kind of Honey Benefits Health

It’s very important to most people that their honey benefits health, but not all honey is beneficial. Raw honey instead of processed is the best way to go. Consumers may be discouraged to find that the cost of raw honey is twice that of processed honey, but nutritional comparisons reduce processed honey almost to the level of corn syrup. For a little honey taste and nothing else, processed honey will work. But if you want to relieve an upset stomach, the only choice is raw honey.

Where to Buy the Right Honey

There are other caveats regarding honey depending on what you plan to use it for. Many people take a teaspoon of honey each morning to control allergies. They’ve read the studies and are confident that honey will do the trick, but three weeks later their eyes are still watering. An allergy sufferer in California cannot hope to control his allergy with honey that was collected by bees in Idaho. The honey from Idaho won't benefit him, it will only make him resistant to allergens in Idaho, the state the bees collect honey from. Not only should consumers be buying honey from their own state, they should be buying from their region, or better, from their county or city. The bees need to get hold of what the allergy sufferer is allergic to in his home environment.

How Do I Find the Right Honey

The shortcut for finding the honey to benefit you where you are is to make sure the bees are there with you. Search on the Internet for beekeepers in your state because they’ll know where bees are that are closest to you. If you’re allergic to the apple blossoms in the orchard across town, your local beekeeper may be the one taking his hives there to pollinate, and he knows where the honey is. Even if it is not an allergy that you want a cure for, think local. The most healthful products for you are grown in your area because you are grown in your area.

A Beneficial Mix

Honey helps and cures many things by itself, but sometimes there are foods or herbs that are mixed with honey to improve the chances of better health. Honey is often a part of consumer’s green tea ritual, and there are many who use honey mixed with cinnamon to improve health. Whatever you’re mixing your honey with, make sure that it, too, is a local food and you can’t go wrong.

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