How can nutritional healing preventative foods help to achieve ultimate health?

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Achieving ultimate health is no longer a subject for wishful thinking. The reality is that every day we are doing things that are sabotaging our health. Do we do this on purpose? Of course not! Most individuals are not even aware of the toll that eating foods without nutritional value can do to one's health.

Most food labels only disclose the calories, fats, and a few other bits of information that just might be deceptive. Many are unaware that they are not healthy and are in desperate need of healing foods. Foods are nature's best preventative measure. The diet has an answer for almost every medically defined condition. We must choose the right foods to expect any progress.

The most important element of any food is it nutritional content. For every vitamin deficiency there is an ailment or lack of ultimate health. Sometimes a particular ailment does not show up for years or until it is combined with other deficiencies. The healing cannot begin until the deficiency of one's nutrition is restored. There is no separation between nutrition and healing. Healing requires nutrition. One simply cannot use nutrition without experiencing an improvement in health.

Ann Wigmore is an example of a great healer. Many a patient was sent home by doctors with an approximate amount of days left to suffer through life. One after another, she would nurse these terminal patients back to health using preventative measures like juicing. Juicing is a process of extracting the liquid from a vegetable. Ann knew that when cats would get sick, they would chew on grass. She offered various types of grass to her cat and the cat chose wheatgrass. One of her best remedies for illness was wheatgrass! Wouldn't it be wonderful if every yard was planted with wheatgrass?

Once we have the basic levels of daily nutritional requirements under control, we must becomes proactive and use preventative measures. Sometimes the most challenging aspect of ultimate health is the preventative measure of exercise. Yes, exercise is a last resort rather than a first attempt at reaching ultimate health. Unfortunately, this often requires exercise. For most of us, just getting started is harder than anything else on earth.

We have purchased ever gadget that is promoted and guaranteed to shed every ounce of fat and motivate us on a lifelong journey of fitness, while building muscles worthy of competition. We all know after chasing one miracle solution after another that nothing outside the mind produces lasting results.

So how do we achieve ultimate health? The answer lies in the food we ingest, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the actions we do, and the attitude we take out into the world. We simply must eat the best nutritional healing preventative foods. Food and drink should not contain anything that would diminish nutritional quality. We must then take preventative measures by getting plenty of activity. Parking the car a block away is not considered exercise if there are no closer spaces available. A simple rewording of our thoughts, along with a little education, and a whole lot of motivation are only three major steps on the climb to ultimate health.

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