Why Should I Consider a Raw Food Diet?

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Why Should I Consider a Raw Food Diet?

It probably goes without saying that a large portion of the population is at any given moment trying in some way to lose weight. Americans and people around the world are dealing with obesity, diabetes and other weight related complications at an alarming rate. While this was not the case 100 years ago it has become somewhat of a major concern in today's modern society. Most would agree that something changed to cause this type of shift in the health and nutrition of people throughout the country and across the globe. Simply stated, the food supply has been changed and altered and not for the better. However, there are still a number of things people can do to protect their health and improve their overall vitality.

Food Laden with Chemical Additives

One of the primary factors influencing the degradation of the quality of the food that we eat every day is how it is processed, stored and prepared. In short, food is heavily processed today because it makes financial sense for corporations that are trying to maintain profits at attractive levels. While this is good for business and the bottom line it is largely unhealthy and dangerous for the human body. Food that is intended for long-term shelf life must be heated, processed and loaded with chemical additives. This type of processing damages food and renders it almost useless to the human body. Truly healthy food should be fresh, organic and alive.

The Pancreas Must Compensate

Living food is what the human body requires to maintain optimum health and wellness. The key component of fresh living food is its enzymes. Unlike boxed, canned or bagged foods, living foods have their essential enzymes still intact. The human body requires food-based enzymes to digest food properly and process nutrients correctly. When non-living or overly processed foods are ingested the pancreas must compensate by producing enzymes to help digest food. This process strains the body making digestion more difficult while taxing the pancreas. This is an important consideration because human beings are born with a finite number of enzymes within the pancreas. As people age the amount of enzymes produced by the pancreas for digestion decreases in a linear fashion.

Eliminating Disease and Maintaining Optimum Health

The simple and logical solution to many of the physical ills people deal with today is to adopt a raw food type diet. A raw food diet is a powerful and effective tool for eliminating disease and for maintaining optimum health. Countless cases of reversing diabetes and even eliminating cancer have proven that raw foods do indeed work. Anyone wishing to do simple research can quickly find evidence supporting the fact that a raw food based diet can quickly reverse diabetes. Many people report coming off of insulin within 30 to 40 days of initiating a completely raw food diet. This should be proof enough that the basic principles of eating raw foods do indeed produce real and measurable positive results. Anyone serious about their long-term health and wellness should explore the health benefits of a raw food diet.

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