Why would I want to begin an anti inflammatory diet?

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There is an epidemic in our world today with people who suffer from illnesses related to inflammation. The symptom scale ranges from joint pain to acne and even cancer. Inflammation is our body's response to a possibly viscous intruder, in an attempt to protect and defend it. Prolonged episodes of inflammation in our body can actually do more harm then good, leading to damage and pain.

There are a lot of things that we eat that can make inflammation worse such as carbohydrates and processed foods. The good news for us is that we do not have to lay down and be defenseless victims! An adequate anti-inflammatory diet can make all the difference. If you don't want to make a commitment to a whole new diet, even just by adding some of these foods to your diet will help combat the inflammation. If you have had enough pain and swelling and want to drastically improve your health, then making a complete transformation may be required. I know its hard to give up that delicious piece of cake in the evening, so easing your way into an anti-inflammatory diet might be a little more feasible.

Your going to want to start by incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, and omega 3's into your diet. Some of my favorite vegetables for anti inflammation are spinach and broccoli. Not only do these green vegetables help with inflammation but they are amazing for your body. Broccoli being packed with vitamin a and c and has additional benefits for bone health not to mention the awesome fiber! Spinach is a powerful antioxidant and iron rich for the blood. There are endless benefits for adding those two alone to your diet. Other foods include Flax seed, fish, and nuts. These provide healthy omega 3's not only reduce inflammation but lower blood pressure. How about a delicious smoothie? There are many recipes for flax seed cookies as well to help satisfy your sweet tooth. Mainly try and stay away from breads and processed pasta.

In my experience, I began feeling better in as little as one week. In fact I felt really, really good! I suffer from both joint pain and acne. This diet has been a life saver as I dislike having to use any synthetic medications. Another factor that helped me feel my best was exercising at least three times a week. It was an uphill battle to get my sedentary rear end into exercise mode but once I began, I became hooked! I started by doing some beginner's yoga and now I incorporate jogging and light weights.

My journey into trying to reduce my pain and inflammation turned into a lifestyle of health. I am actually grateful for my health issues now because if it were not for my illnesses, I would not be making any efforts to be healthy and probably have a shorter life span. You can create a positive out of a negative as well by making a few adjustments to your life. Living healthfully means living happily. There is a simple solution to pain and inflammation, now it it up to you!

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