How does a holistic nutrition consultant differ from any other nutrition expert?

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Answered by: Mary Esther, An Expert in the Nutrition - General Category
Nutrition therapy using a holistic approach addresses many aspects of whole health that general diet plans do not. Optimal nutrition is more than merely choosing foods from proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

What one may think of as nutrition in general, may actually be a life-threatening food habit that increases risk of many diseases afflicting the population in the U.S. Holistic nutrition encompasses these basic food categories in their best versions, which are whole foods rich in phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, active enzymes, pure water and various forms of beneficial fiber. The effective holistic nutrition consultant educates her clients as to the function of the human body and how it utilizes nutrients to instill an awakening, a revelation that creates a paradigm shift in thinking and eating behavior.

Incorporating and becoming informed about the medicinal value of foods and nutraceuticals opens the gateway toward extraordinary health. Not every holistic nutrition consultant is qualified, however, to help one get there. It takes years of formal education, scientific research, and experience in practice to gain the expertise it requires to effect real health improvement. An effective nutritional healing consultant has done his or her homework, and then some.

A truly qualified, experienced holistic nutritionist, for instance, has arrived at a multi-faceted perspective across several industries: the behind-the-scenes stifling of nutritional medicine in medical politics, the profit-oriented, rather than patient-centered drug industry, and big agribusiness disinterested in the destructive effects its practices have upon the environment. A qualified nutrition consultant can separate the marketing hype from irrefutable evidence because of years of research and experience. Only after diligent digging into news and scientific archives and keeping current in all events will she be able to help her clients see the what is really going on.

When the nutrition researcher and educator has acquired enough empirical data in client successes to fill several volumes, you can safely make an appointment with this professional and get some real results. The single greatest tragedy when someone succumbs to diseases that have become of epidemic proportion is that it can be prevented. Obesity rates have climbed steadily in the last fifty years, and its associated diseases, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer are associated with processed foods millions of Americans consume every day.

A holistic nutrition consultant would be very naive indeed if he thought only junk foods were the culprits. Although eliminating these foods from the planet would make my day and save lives, there is an even worse problem. Pesticides and synthetic chemicals applied on fresh food crops and also animal feed grown this way pose an even greater danger. These chemicals, and chemicals in body care products disrupt hormones and cause birth defects. It is the responsibility of the nutritionist to also be aware of environmental issues, as they affect the health of their clients.

Educating clients and reaching out to the community can create a momentum toward extraordinary health through safe food, water, and clean air. This, my friends, is what constitutes a truly qualified, dedicated holistic nutritionist.

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