What are health benefits of pomegranate juice?

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Answered by: Dominic Francis, An Expert in the Nutrition - General Category
Pomegranates might not be the most popular fruits around but there are people who really consider the fruit very good for health. Many people prefer pomegranate juice over actually eating the fruit in its solid grainy form and have a name for the juice as well which is natural red wine. There are lots of health benefits attached to pomegranate juice which are being even proved by various health studies and tests that are being regularly conducted.

Pomegranate juice helps one fight breast cancer. It is helpful in destroying the cancer cells and forming new healthy cells. By the previous statement, we by no means are advocating pomegranate's juice for curing breast cancer but having pomegranate juice during the period of the disease would definitely help one in battling against the disease. There are lots of people who have claimed that it has worked for them. It is also helpful in preventing lung and prostate cancer. Studies have proven that men with prostate cancer had to reduce their chemotherapy sessions after they started drinking pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate juice has also been proved to be beneficial for the brain, arteries, Alzheimer’s disease, reducing cholesterol levels, etc. People with higher blood pressure have found a dip in their pressure levels after consuming a glass of pomegranate juice. People with dental problems can also drink pomegranate juice as it is effective against dental plaque and tartar too.

All the above mentioned benefits might be hard to believe but one sip of pomegranate would help you realize that the above mentioned claims are not a sham at all. It is no surprise that people term it to be the natural red wine.

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