why is the AIDS epidemic in Africa so much worse than in the USA?

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Recent studies of AIDS and many of its variations show that viruses have existed since time immemorial, dating back to decades and even centuries ago. However, the AIDS epidemic has only emerged recently among humans, the first case emerging in the 1960s and increasing in the 1970s and beyond. Aids appeared in Africa and the United States at around the same time, growing at the same rate. As studies and time progress, AIDS demonstrates itself as hard to treat and impossible to cure. Although the appearance of AIDS in the Africa and the U.S are equally devastating, Africa proves to have it much worse when one evaluates the disease in terms health care and the infrastructure of the two societies.Health care in Africa is barely on par with the U.S health care system. Not only were there better medical technicians in the U.S, there were also safer medical practices. In the U.S, for example, they sterilize their needles carefully unlike in Africa where sterilization is improper, if not non-existent. Africa's testing processes did not suffice since they aren't well produced or provide much information. People would leave doctors' clinics improperly treated or diagnosed, posing potential problems as AIDS left untreated is detrimental and irrevocable. People couldn't even afford to go to clinics for check-ups. They have better things to do, getting food for example. Traveling long distances to see a doctor is probably a hard task to do. In the U.S, people could afford to go to doctors. In addition, clinics are scattered everywhere, making it incredibly easy to access. AIDS emerged in Africa around the same time it appeared in the U.S, but the first cases were discovered in the U.S--that certainly says something about its health care. Africa's health care system pales in comparison with the U.S advanced and meticulous system, which makes the AIDS epidemic in Africa much worse..

The AIDs epidemic can further be boiled down to the infrastructure of the two societies; the U.S, having a more developed infrastructure could afford researching AIDS and informing people through technology whereas Africa has literally no means to help the prevention and treatment of the disease. The U.S are able to conduct surveys and interviews as demonstrated by Dr. Michael Gottlieb attempts' in researching in the gay communities. People in the U.S have the the leisure, the equipment, and the finance to invest in research. They could reach people through education, organizations, groups, etc. Africa, on the other hand, did not. Africa is too scattered and culturally different, and many have predispositions to ignore warnings or simply don't care. Even if people did know, it would not stop rapist and bandits. Rape and sexual assaults during local civil wars are often utilized as weapons of combat. Furthermore, famine and malnutrition as a result of civil wars run havoc on these people's immune system, which increases susceptibility to acquiring AIDS. Opportunistic infections are also worse in Africa. People could easily get sick just drinking dirty water. Africa is an under-developed society where poverty is the common denominator throughout the continent. There are almost no means to control the AIDS epidemic in Africa. No education and no control--these two are enough to blow up the epidemic to unimaginable proportions.
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